Our services


Other companies claim bespoke services, but PillarboxRed works with you to truly deliver a personalized approach, that reaches your goals, and goes beyond. Danielle de Feo-Giet (DPhil) and her advisory team have knowledge of multiple industries including technology, finance, retail and arts in both profit and non-profit sectors. They also have over 100 years of combines experience. Danielle has executed a wide variety of copy projects from writing for the web and blogs, to press releases, speeches and hard copy marketing to the public. She is also a talented speech writer and researcher.


We live in an increasingly connected world, where different forms of English abound. PillarboxRed understands this, and in addition to providing copy and editing services, has a particular specialty in standardizing English-as-a-second-language copy to local requirements. Your international business can benefit from the clarity that comes from idiomatically approaching your target market. Danielle particularly enjoys working with Hindi and Chinese language speaking clients. 

Danielle de Feo-Giet is a smart thinker and a good planner. She is well focused on milestones and strives hard to achieve the same through a well organised approach. Her services are an asset to any firm.
— Avish Joseph, Director of StratAgile, Singapore


PillarboxRed has 8 languages in house, including Mandarin and Hindi. We specialize in translating idiomatically into English, and have worked on projects small and large. Danielle's DPhil in Oriental Studies from the University of Oxford, AM from Harvard in Asian Studies, and BA in Chinese from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, all help. 


We live in a connected world. Your colleagues may be next door, or thousands of miles away. You may see your clients every day, or never see them at all. PillarboxRed can help you to expertly manage the relationships that are the backbone of these connections, harmonizing stakeholders, and working out change management and compliance issues to create clarity. From one language to another and from one person to another so that everyone is on the same page. We translate. It's what we do.